Commercial TV Systems

Emcom specialise in the installation and maintenance of advanced TV aerial and satellite systems for hotels, nursing homes, hospitals, student accommodation, holiday villages and apartment buildings.

From basic Sky installations to setting up integrated communal systems or providing ongoing maintenance services, Emcom offer commercial businesses across Munster and beyond exceptional digital and satellite services.

Old Analogue TV Distribution System

New Digital TV Distribution System

We have a comprehensive mix of services for the hospitality industry, some of our services include:

  • Digital, IP and Fibre Headend Distribution Systems
  • IPTV Solutions
  • Interactive TV Systems
  • Upgrades of existing systems
  • Supply and installation of flat screen TV sets
  • Projectors and large screens for meeting rooms
  • Digital Signage for in room information and advertising
  • Repairs and maintenance of existing systems
  • Free consultations and quotations

Emcom specialise in the installation of communal Aerial and Satellite Systems for small and large apartment buildings. We can link every apartment in the building to a single Aerial and Satellite system. This improves the building aesthetics by taking individual dishes out of the equation. Tenants can choose to subscribe to Sky or avail of free to air Satellite and Terrestrial channels. We also install Foreign Satellite Systems.

Emcom can design supply and install a distribution system free from monthly bills with any number of the most popular free to air channels to any number of TV sets from a single satellite dish and aerial.

Although relatively new to the TV industry, Fibre Optic distribution makes sense when dealing with any large scale industrial or housing developments due to the great distances signals can travel without losing any of their strength or quality. Emcom are currently working with building contractors and house builders to bring this relatively new technology into the home of the everyday consumer.

Emcom are one of the few company's capable of installing Satellite and Digital Terrestrial signal to buildings using Fibre Optic Cabling (FIRS), (FTTH) and (FITH). As technology is progressing the need for more data and faster connections, better reliability and more robust systems with the ability to be future proof and to keep up with the ever-expanding technology of the Aerial, Satellite, Telecommunications and IT industry is a must.

Working with companies such as Triax and Global two of the leading manufacturers of fibre optic equipment for satellite systems in the aerial and satellite industry, we are able to offer and install bespoke systems in to property's that can cater to the every need of the architect, developer, property managing agent or landlord Our systems are designed around each building and made to suit the needs of the tenants, the requirements of the owner or designer and the specifications of the building. We are fully trained and experienced in fibre optic cabling and communal system installations & servicing.

Although communal TV systems are often associated with blocks of flats, we are currently working on several large scale housing developments where up to 500 houses and flats all receive Sky/Freesat TV, Freeview TV and digital radio signals from one single Satellite Dish and Aerial location. This means that shiny new houses on a site will not be littered with hundreds of Aerials and Sky dishes, surely a good thing!? We offer a full consultation, design, installation and maintenance service to talk you through from start to finish on how a Fibre Optic TV System can benefit you and your clients.

For new installations or upgrades make sure you consider the benefits of having a Fibre Optic infrastructure professionally installed. For more information on our Fibre Optic systems or any of Emcom's services, talk to us today for professional advice and ask us about our free demonstrations and quotations. Contact us here or call 087 283 5286.