About Emcom Audio Visual

Mission Statement

Our mission is to integrate customer and clients with the true potential of the digital age. We believe as a growing and dynamic digital media technology and solutions company we can unlock this area for our customers.

Consumers of technology need a wide range of services at all times. In the digital age we are all used to fast, effective and convenient sources of entertainment, news, dataand internet.With rapid advances in technology bringing this “Connected Experience” to the consumer at home, at work, in a hotel or hospitality suite is now a reality. The convergence of technology in areas of Satellite, internet, digital TV, audio visual and digital signage is what Emcom strives for. If you need any of these technologies for your home, hotel, nursing home, retail environment etc, we aim to be the company you choose.

Emcom work to exacting standards. Working with the standardising agencies we make sure all our work practices and equipment meet with the highest standards. Working to industry standards gives our current and future clients the reassurance that our installations are of the highest quality.

Emcom is a dynamic, professional, flexible and friendly company that aims to meet and exceed the requirements of people looking for the correct solution for their needs.